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If you want to simplify + organize your home, life or small business, you need a plan. That’s why I created my SHOO system 20 years ago to help do just that!

  • SORT – Always sort like with like so you can see exactly what you have
  • HEAVE – Out goes anything you don’t love or use, either as donations (for items that are still useful) or as trash
  • ORGANIZE – This is where we plan your layouts/processes, after we heave so we aren’t organizing the unnecessary
  • OPTIMIZE – This is where we live with the system and make tweaks as we find out what works or doesn’t work for us

“simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”

Meet Jillian

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In 1999 I started my home-based business as a virtual assistant, following in my grandmother’s footsteps. She was a work from home typist well before “virtual assistant” was a thing!

But it was always my dream to open a paper shoppe.

I wanted to work with boutique planners, design imaginative page layouts and create charms for each and every taste out there!

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I work with WordPress, Kadence and Divi to help clients create a dynamic and helpful online presence. And when we’re done, I offer on-going virtual assistance packages to keep your website up-to-date and functional!

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