3 Tips to End The Mealtime Meltdown!

Standing in the kitchen staring into the fridge at supper time is never a good way to decide what’s for dinner!  Here are three simple tips to end the mealtime meltdowns.

  1. Have a meal plan – one of the simplest but probably the most overlooked is to have a meal plan prepared ahead of time.  It doesn’t need to be fancy – just a written out outline of what you’d like to have for supper each day is all you need to get yourself organized. You can download my free menu planner HERE!
  2. Find bargains in weekly flyers – using the weekly flyers, go ahead and find a few good bargains that you can use as the foundation of your weekly plan.  I use the Reebee app on my iPad so I don’t need to use the paper flyers.  Two added bonuses of using Reebee are: a) as you go through the flyers you can check off items you want, and Reebee will create a shopping list for you; and b) with that shopping list Reebee creates, you can show your grocery store prices at other supermarkets and ask yours to price match!
  3. Make a shopping list – never, I repeat, never go grocery shopping without a list. Not only will you forget half the things you need (that may be just me but go with it) but you’ll also be tempted to by a whole slew of items you don’t need (I’m looking at you potato chips!). Using Reebee for the sale items, and a simple paper list for staples is the best way to make sure nothing gets forgotten!

A menu plan is single-handedly the best way to avoid the daily mealtime panic that I’ve seen in my own home! A few minutes planning at the beginning of the week will make your daily meal time much more relaxed and that will definitely get rid of the “hangries”!

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