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5 Ways to Live a More Simple Life

Many of us dream of living a more simple life.  While the idea of leaving behind all your worldly possessions and finding paradise is tempting,  it is not an easy task. Yet, the benefits of a more simple life are immense.  You can focus more on your family, your health and you can create a more enjoyable life! 

5 Suggestions for Living a More Simple Life

If you are ready to go ahead with a more simple life, here are five tips to help you succeed:

  1. Determine your priorities based on your core values.

    What is most important to you and your family? What are your goals? What does a more simple life look like to you? Once you determine the answers to these questions, it will be infinitely easier to make decisions on ways to simplify your life.  You get to say YES to the things that are in line with your goals, and it’s easier to say NO to the things that don’t!

  2. Calm the digital noise.

    Smartphones are great tools that should be used as just that – tools. Create more calm in your life by turning notifications off when you are enjoying family time, whether at the dinner table to while watching movies. Consider removing social media apps if you find you are spending way too much time on them and are starting to feel bad about yourself.  Hit the unsubscribe button from emails that do not serve your ideal of a more simple life. Consider setting up a time to reply to emails only once per day, not as soon as a message hits your inbox.

  3. Declutter your spaces.

    By removing things you don’t use or need, you open up your spaces for those items that you genuinely love and use.  As always, start small and build on your successes.   Maybe try organizing the junk drawer in your kitchen and then move onto your pantry! The feeling of a decluttered space is amazing.  You can learn more about my SHOO™️ method of decluttering here.

  4. Live within your means.

    A more simple life is one that’s also free from the stress of paying for stuff you really do not need.  Living above your means also means your stress levels rise.  Instead, make a plan to pay down your debt and learn to live within your means. Create, and stick to, a budget!

  5. Learn to enjoy being alone.

    The constant dinging and pinging of technology can cause us to become stressed and uncomfortable. Sometimes, you need to opt for a little solitude. You don’t have to run away to a deserted mountain top to find some solace.  As you learn to sit in the quiet with only yourself as company, you will learn how to relax and listen to what your body is trying to tell you. 

Embrace a more simple life by figuring out how you truly wish to live and then create a life you’d love!

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