7 Tips for Living Simple in a Modern World

Living simple can be challenging. It takes a lot of courage to go against the norm and choose a life that is different from what people expect of you. You may have to say no to a promotion with a big pay raise or refrain from joining social media conversations with friends. Others may question your sanity as you pay off debt and sell your large home for a smaller one. While modern conveniences are meant to make life easier, that is not always the case.

Here are six practical ways to grab onto the simple life in a modern world:

1 – Remember that living a simple life is your choice

You don’t have to live a complicated, stressful life just because your friends and family do. Empower yourself to choose a different path that aligns with your values.

2 – Opt for a basic cell phone or turn off notifications while you’re occupied

Smartphone notifications are incredibly distracting and can make you feel like you’re always “on.” Consider using a cell phone with only call and text capabilities to decrease stress levels and save money. On the flip side, you can turn off notifications or use your Do Not Disturb or Busy functions as needed to cut down on the techno chatter.

3 – Remove social media from your phone

Social media can be a major time-suck, taking away precious moments with family and friends. Try removing social media apps from your phone and only accessing them on your laptop at designated times.

4 – Pay off your credit cards

Debt can be a heavy burden, leaving you at the mercy of credit card companies. Use credit cards only for purchases you can afford to pay off when the bill comes, and avoid overspending.

5 – Drop cable service

Cable TV can be expensive, with many channels going unused. Consider using over-the-air stations or streaming services instead to save money.

6 – Get back to nature

Plant a vegetable garden to ensure you have fresh veggies. Learn to can foods to fill your pantry. Grown your own pumpkins and gourds for your fall display.

7 – Live the simple life on your own terms

Remember that living a simple life is about making choices that work for you, not based on what others expect of you. Embrace the cutbacks and you’ll be on your way to a life of serenity.

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