A Custom Pet Feeding Station for Delilah

This was a (relatively) quick project to add a bit of fun into my kitchen while I created a feeding station for Delilah.

I have several old wooden crates that I’ve been carrying around forever and I decided that one would make an excellent dog feeding station and keep the little monkey from tipping over the water dish.

I made it simple – I flipped the crate over, traced the outline of the bowls and then used a jigsaw to cut just inside the pencil line. And then I popped the bowls in and boom – a great fit! Well, opening two was a perfect fit, the first one was a little rough since I cut too far inside the circle and that meant that I had to enlarge the opening a couple times. A quick sand of the edges and our pup had a water bowl and food dish that she can’t tip over. Yet.

Then I used my Cricut to print out her name in the same font we used HERE – Fling Standard – and voila, one custom feeding station for our pretty little Princess!

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