Bullet Journal Blog Post Planner

Since I’ve dived head first into bullet journaling, I wanted to try out some layouts that can act as a blog post planner.

The first is very simple.  The week on the left hand page and a simple monthly layout on the right, broken into two columns.  There is a column for this blog, LusciousPlanner.com and one for my pet blog, LusciousPet.com. For each month, I have chosen to add two blog posts per blog and use the right hand side of the spread to plan them out.

First, start with a topic.  Specifics are always better.  So rather than just “bullet journal”, try “bullet journal blog post planner” – coincidentally the name of this post.

Next, put in the three or four main points you wish to cover. Add your images and affiliate links, if appropriate. Then finally proof, post/schedule and share/get ready to share the heck out of your new content.

As you can see in my example above, I put the publish date at the bottom of the week I plan to publish my post.  That way I can have my topic at the top and a manageable amount of time to flesh out the topic with creative content, images and a sharing plan.

I’ve also offset the publishing dates so I can manage one post per week, resulting in two per month per blog.

Of course, these points are just guidelines. I will often create a quick post  once or twice per month that doesn’t require these steps, such as a funny image or silly meme.  For those type of posts, I just jot down on the date I post them up!

I hope this layout helps give you some inspiration for one way to create a blog post planner that works for you! I’ll be sharing my thoughts on this layout in the coming weeks to see how it all worked out, or not!

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