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DEClutter for a Happy Home

Is your house so disorganized that you that you have a hard time finding things in a timely fashion?  Are you late to your appointments or work because the car keys have gone missing again? Here are six ways you can organize your home to help things run a little more smoothly.

1 – Keep things in a place that makes sense. 

Have a designated spot where you can leave your keys, sunnies or wallet iso you won’t have to waste time wandering around the house in search of them.  This same spot can be used to lay out anything you’ll need for your following day-diaper bag, purse, briefcase and so on. This will definitely save you time in the morning because you won’t be running around trying to gather what you need for the day.

2 – Straighten up as you go.

Tidy up after yourself as you go.  Every time you leave a room, take at least one thing that doesn’t belong and put in it’s home. 

I like to do a “living room reset” each night before bed.  I clear the coffee table and put things away in their designation spot.  I straighten the pillows on the couch.  I make sure my kitchen island is bare, except for my wooden rooster. {insert your own joke here!}. I put on the coffee for the next day so my sleepy ass doesn’t have to in the morning when the puppy needs to go out.  I make sure the dish rack is empty.  I clear the kitchen table – which does’t take much right now since I’m an empty nester and live alone. 

I load the dishwasher after each meal and run it in the evening.  I put my groceries away as soon as I bring them into the house rather than let them occupy space on the island. 

When the kids were small, I had a “this doesn’t belong here” box.  Anything that I found hanging around where it didn’t belong went into the box so the kids could put their things away before bed and I did the same.

3 – Finish one project before you start another. 

I have found that multitasking for me, doesn’t work.  I need to single task, and remember to stay on one project from start to finish.

I recently reorganized my closet and had a big pile of clothes and shoes for donation.  I have a single spot in my home where I keep donations and when it’s full, I take to Value Village.   I fully finished that project before moving to reorganizing my kitchen.  Completing the job at hand gives me a greater sense of accomplishment and I can move on to the next project with a clear mind!

One step at a time!

4 – Keep your bathroom tidy. 

Give the sink a wipe after you shave or brush your teeth, then put your razor and toothbrush away!  Clear the vanity and give the surfaces a wipe.  Spray the shower walls while you’re conditioning your hair and give them a scrub.  Avoid getting the bottom of the shower sprayed since this could lead to a slip and fall!  Give the toilet a scrub as needed to make sure you’re ready for unexpected drop-ins. 


5 – Organize your closets. 

Ahh, the holy grail of organizing – the closet! I have a huge walk-in closet now, and I like to make sure I can see all my everyday wearables when I’m getting dressed.  But I have a few rules.  I only have 50 hangers so if I run out, I need to downsize and donate.  I only have socks, undies and workout wear in my dresser.  I group clothing together by style and then colour, so all my tank tops (like 4) are all together, then short sleeved shirts, then long sleeved shirts and so on.  You make your own categories according to how you use your clothing.  My out of season items go on one rod and the current seasonal go on another that is easier to access.  My shoes are lined up on a few wooden crates to give me lots of room.  I only have a few pairs of shoes and sandals so organizing them is easier than if I had a huge collection.

6 -Keep your important papers in a safe place. 

As I tell you in “How Long Do I Need to Keep This”, your important documents and papers must be kept safe.

Different categories of documents need to be kept for different lengths of time.  Refer to the checklist to see how long each type of document should be kept, from bank statements to birth certificates to divorce and custody paper.  Always make sure your have a place to back up your financial docs or apps from your computer and keep it in a safe place.  Back it up regularly!

By taking these small steps every day, you will make your home a place of peace and quiet, so you can spend time on things that really matter instead of wasting time looking for misplaced objects!

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