My Personal Kanban

my personal kanban

I found an article on Lifehacker.com the other day about using a personal “kanban” to keep yourself organized visually and I fell in love.  I’m a very visual person so this sort of task reminder system is a great fit for how I work.
It’s a very basic system – three columns on a sheet of paper.  The columns are labelled to do, doing and done.  When I created mine I added a fourth column for notes where I can set reminders for myself.  I also had it laminated at my local Staples to give it more strength.  And for fun, I added my Hello Kittie version of River Song as a cover 🙂

Each time a new client task comes in, I simply write it on a sticky note and put it on the chart.  I colour code for calls vs. tasks and can assign each different client a different colour sticky note.
To make the kanban I created a simple table in Word, using my A5 size paper, printed it out and then had it laminated and punched.  It’s a great fit in my A5 Original Patent Filofax and goes with me everywhere.

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