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One Quick Tip for Stopping Paper Clutter

Clearing clutter can do wonders for how you feel about your home.  So this one quick tip can help you clear paper clutter is a great start!

When you pick up your mail, sort it by your recycling bin.

Flyers and ads for things you have no interest in go immediately to the bin. Coupons for items you actually buy should be clipped right away and the remainder of the ads can be recycled.

No one wants to have to stare at a stack of mail when you pile them on the counter.  So take action right away.  For bills, open them and file them in your inbox or tray for bills that need to be addressed.  Make sure to note the due dates for your bills, write them in your calendar or set them up as a task/reminder in your calendar.

If you still receive print magazines, put the newest on the bottom and put them in a place where you will reach for them to read.  No shame in admitting that may be your bathroom! Putting the newest on the bottom means you read the oldest issue first.

Spending just a few minutes when you pick up your mail can make all the difference and give you a sense of accomplishment to not having the bills and papers all over the place.

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