Pick a Drawer, Any Drawer! READ ON FOR DrawER Organization TIps

Today is “Magic Monday” and we’re going to tackle a single drawer in your kitchen.

Starting with a small organizing task will set you up for future success. Organizing can sometimes be overwhelming so starting small gives you a small victory from the outset and this will give you the motivation you’ll need.

Here are my kitchen drawers:

The first three are the drawers in my island…

The Junk drawer, living up to its name
The dish towel and Ziploc drawer
The spice drawer

And the three following are the drawers to between the stove and fridge.

The silverware drawer
The bread drawer
The storage container drawer

I tackled my junk drawer.

Here is EVERYTHING from the drawer on the island. Wow!

First things first, like I share HERE, the first step in organizing is SORT. So as I took things out of the drawer, I categorized them so I knew what I had.

Excuse the car manuals, those were to go in the recycling because they are in French and I’m not fluent enough to make sense of them!

I put all the tape together, all the things that could go in my office together and a pile for things that don’t need to be there in that drawer at all! There were lots of things to just throw out including broken pencils, battery packaging or plastic packaging from a lock!

Fortunately when I put everything back in the drawer, it was super easy to accommodate everything I needed to have in the drawer!

The junk drawer after

Always start small so you can build on your SHOO skills as you go along!

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