Revive that Rug!

Revive that Rug!

We’ve had this rug for YEARS and it’s been rolled up in a corner of our downstairs storage room since we moved in.

The rug is covered in a low level of fur and lint that seemed to defy our vacuum and it just would not come clean!

So last night, I got the boys to bring it upstairs so that our 1 year old Rough Collie would actually jump OFF the bed.  She can get up no problem, only needing a small hop after she places her front paws up on the bed.

But getting her down is a team effort.  She hates the laminate flooring in the bedroom because she has zero traction if she jumps off.  So she’ll whine to have someone come into the room and lift her off.  Spoiled!

So after she made the connection that getting off the bed was easy when she realized there was a rug there to cushion her jump.

But the rug was still gross.

I remember reading something on Pinterest (of course!) that a rug could give up it’s dust held close by rubbing it with a pumice stone.   I grabbed the dollar store pumice stone I had and got to work.

And holy hell what a difference!

It was both disgusting and satisfying to rub the stone across the rug and then pull off the absolute grossness that the pumice stone dug up!

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