What is a Planner Dashboard and Inspiration for Yours

Any trip through Pinterest will give you a ton of ideas for creating a planner dashboard.

But what exactly is a planner dashboard?

When you open your planner, the first page you see if your default dashboard.  And just like anything “default”, you’ll likely want to customize it!

Dashboards can contain anything you’d like, from inspirational images and washi tape patterns to a place to keep your fancy paperclips, tabs or sticky notes. Dashboards are highly personal, and can range from the minimalist to the wildly flamboyant!

Here are a few ideas to get you started.

DIY Dashboard by Liz On Call ⤵︎

Dashboard by Amber Downs⤵︎

Dashboard from Laura’s Crafty Life ⤵︎

Dashboard from Planning Inspired ⤵︎

Dashboard from Jacquie Smith ⤵︎

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